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At PMC we believe that business success is driven by trained, skilled and highly motivated individuals who understand constant change, innovation, business strategy and the need for collaboration and relationships to build business and personal success.

The world of work is changing - globalisation, workforce diversity, demand for flexible and multi-skilled workforces etc. which is creating high-performance organisations which identify and value talent management differently. Responding to this constantly changing environment PMC offers talent development training that is bespoke and shaped by client conversations, understanding the need and aligning each intervention to reflect the culture, values and strategy of the business and aimed at achieving the Clients business vision, whilst meeting the individuals development need.

Training is aimed at:

  • ongoing talent development,
  • growth of organisation human capital
  • leadership development
oraginisational level
team level
iindividual level

organisational level

Target-Project Management business environments

  • PMO Business Strategy
  • PMO Operational and Engagement Training
  • PMO Maturity Stages and lifecycles Training
  • PMO Toolkit implementation Facilitation & training
  • Team Building and Cohesion
  • Leadership Development
  • Project Management Methodology Overview Training

Team Level

Target – Project Management and Project Teams

  • Team Soft-skills Training
  • G roup Session Coaching and Mentoring
  • On-The -Job Practical and Technical Training
  • Team Building and Cohesion
  • How to function within complex organisations
  • Project Management Refresher Training


Target – Individuals working in the Project Management space

  • Personal development and Career Mapping
  • soft-skills training for project managers
  • Project Management Leadership development
  • Personal and Life Coaching for Project Management Professionals
  • Project Management Coaching and Mentorship