The role of the ICT Project Manager is crucial in any instance.  The more complex the project, the tighter the deadlines, the more stakeholders involved and the bigger the budget – the more important the role becomes.  

Hiring the right ICT Project Manager can result in a project rolling along like a well-oiled machine, while conversely bringing in the wrong one can be a lot like throwing the proverbial ‘spanner in the works,’ resulting in a project coming to a grinding halt, or more spectacularly crashing and burning.

Here are some PM Connection tips to finding the perfect, yet elusive ICT Project Manager (fear not – they do exist, we promise):

1.  What makes the perfect ICT Project Manager for your company

There are some basic “musts” when it comes to skills for ICT Project Managers, and these include:

  • knowledge of Project Management methodologies and ICT standards, policies and procedures      
  • communication planning
  • analytical thinking
  • resource management 
  • risk assessment
  • quality control
  • team management
  • schedule management

When you are looking for the best fit ICT PM, however, there will be more specific qualities and skills your company needs for the role. Our advice is to set out exactly what you/your company need, such as:

  • specific leadership and decision-making skills
  • the ability to communicate well with a wide variety of stakeholders at different levels
  • technical or industry specific knowledge
  • crisis management skills
  • results driven characteristics
  • risk and issue management
  • integration management
  • ICT systems development processes skills
  • change management

 2.  Take a leaf from the PM handbook and plan ahead

Give yourself enough time to find the right ICT PM.  A last-minute hiring process is unnecessarily stressful and chances are, due to the pressure, you will settle for less than what you really need instead of taking the necessary time to find the perfect ICT PM.  Plan with enough time to properly assess the requirements for the role, to enjoy a thorough interview process and to meet the best possible array of candidates.

 3.  Be specific and stand out

Be clear and specific about your requirements instead of going the route of a standard job description.  It will save you time in the long run; vague requirements equal vague candidates, and applicants by the dozen equal a lot more applicants to sift through. 

It also goes a long way to take the time to stand out from the rest of the vacancy ads out there.  By creating a picture of what your company is about and what it’s like to work for them, you will attract the right fit candidates.

4.  Put it all on the table, upfront

Be upfront about what you are offering, including details such as salary, benefits, travel requirements, location and amenities, rather than wasting each other’s time with multiple interviews and the possible joy of finding the perfect candidate only to realise their salary expectation can’t be met.

Need help in finding the perfect Project Manager?

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