Are you spending time and money wading through overseas skills pools in search of ICT and Project Management talent? It seems you’re not alone… according to the 2022 JCSE-IITPSA ICT Skills Survey an emerging trend saw an increase in the number of South African companies looking to recruit overseas. This trend is, when one considers the local unemployment rate, very disturbing.  Why is this happening when our local talent pool is beyond full to the brim and is overflowing?

At PM Connection we believe the reason is the idea being perpetuated amongst employers looking to recruit in both the ICT and PM fields that all the available talent out there is made up of young, inexperienced and recently graduated candidates. An idea which leads to the inevitable, logical conclusion that it will take time and money to invest in “skilling them up” and getting them up to speed.

“Companies are juggling shrinking budgets on top of feeling the pressure to find talent to fill vacancies” says Eloff van Gend of PM Connection, “all whilst listening to the common narrative that is swirling around them announcing that there are simply no fit candidates out there”.

In our experience at PM Connection, and judging by the number of skilled candidates we have in our pool, this trend is certainly not the ‘big picture’ of what the current recruitment landscape looks like.

“While it may seem like the overseas skills market is being painted as a far more attractive picture than ever for local ICT and PM candidates, it’s definitely not the case for them all.”

“We have a substantial pool of the top ICT and Project Management candidates ready to connect with you,” says Eloff, “and we’re ready to help your business win in the ‘talent war’”.

At PM Connection we are always on the lookout for specific skills which we know make talented candidates ideally suited to the field of PM and ICT.  What are these skills?

  • Vision and planning
  • Communication
  • Technical knowledge
  • Team building
  • Problem solving
  • Ability to delegate

Being skilled in all of the above makes all the difference in a candidate and when you team up with PM Connection rest assured that we have done the groundwork for you and our candidates tick all the boxes and more.
PM Connection not only specialises in making connections on the recruitment front but also provides a wide range of services, including Agile transformation and training, Project Manager (PM) and Project Management Office (PMO) consulting and workshop facilitation.

“We have a longstanding, solid reputation and our clients have continued to connect with us for more than 15 years. We believe they keep returning thanks to our professionalism, high standards and hands-on experience in business and project management.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can ‘buck the trend’ of searching overseas and finding local brilliant, skilled and experienced candidates then make the connection by contacting the PM Connection team.