The Covid-19 pandemic changed the world, of that there is no doubt, and many aspects of life will never return to pre-Covid “normal.” The new, post-Covid world includes a changed work environment and a reshaped recruitment front with a talent pool filled with candidates with new ideas about what they want and what their priorities are.  Work-life balance, flexibility and mental health are now at the top of most candidates’ priority lists as they look to the future in general and to future work prospects in particular.

What does this mean for the employer when it comes to both hiring and retaining professional talent?  Employers need to “change with the times” in order to attract the right candidates.

This means taking the time to review and update job descriptions, compensation and benefits packages, and if necessary, bring them in line with candidate expectations so as to make the most compelling job adverts and future offers to potential candidates.

Ensuring you make these changes will help to guarantee you don’t lose out on the best fit candidate to your competitor who has. In addition, when it comes to retaining professionals, the changes made on the hiring front need to be carried through to the rest of the company.

What matters most to candidates after COVID-19?


  1. Work-life balance & flexibility

The way we work is forever changed, and hybrid working models are now the name of the game. The flexibility offered by this blended type of work model offers a far better chance of achieving an improved work-life balance, which is at the top of most candidates’ priority list today.  

Embracing hybrid employment now and deciding to see it as a permanent change to how your business operates will serve you well in the long run in terms of attracting candidates and retaining employees. While it may be a challenge to figure out how to incorporate it into your company, it will definitely give you the competitive edge on the hiring front well into the future. 

  1. Workplace stability

Candidates are wary of joining a new company due to the incredible instability experienced over the past couple of years with many companies closing their doors. The longevity of a business or company and workplace stability has become one of the biggest concerns of candidates in the post-Covid workplace. 

Showcase your business’ staying-power to potential candidates by highlighting the operational stability of your business and sharing your vision and plans for the future.  Candidates are seeking some form of assurance when it comes to job security, and one way of showing them they can look forward to a long career with you and not just a short-term job is by expressing your commitment to training and developing them and letting them know what potential for growth and progression they can look forward to.

  1. Transparency

Transparency in the hiring process is one of the top factors contributing to employee happiness, and thus, a key factor in retaining top professionals.  Signing on the dotted line of an employment contract or agreement with your company means a candidate is putting their trust in your company, and they expect transparency in return.  

Repay their trust by being upfront and transparent from the very start – don’t oversell or over embellish when it comes to your company, and be honest about challenges faced (and overcome).  Give candidates the big picture; it will do wonders for your company’s reputation, image and good name and will lay an important foundation when it comes to recruitment in future.

  1. Real, personal connections

Connecting with people is becoming more popular and more important in today’s working environment, especially since the pandemic, during which many people felt isolated and out of touch. 

Our name, PM Connection, speaks to how crucial making a connection is in today’s recruitment world, which is now more focused on hiring through personal connections and referrals. Finding talent is often best done through networks and those who know candidates. At PM Connection, we have the networks, we know our candidates and we can help you to make the right connections.

Our team of experienced recruiters can help you to not only find the best ICT or PM professional from our incredible talent pool, but also to figure out what you need to change in terms of your recruitment or hiring strategy in order to attract the best fit professional candidates for the role. 

Make the PM Connection today – contact us to find out how we can work with you to successfully master the new, post-Covid hiring landscape.