What are the most valuable skills you need to secure a job right now and in the future?
In order to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing world driven by increasing technological advancements businesses and employers need to identify which skills are going to be needed in future. What are the most valuable skills to have in the current job arena? What future skills shortages are predicted?

At PM Connection we have identified the following ‘in demand’ skills:

Soft skills:

  • Resilience: How you are able to deal with setbacks is a skill that is increasingly sought after. A team member who reacts positively and can formulate solutions when faced with stressful situations, unexpected changes or when a problem occurs is definitely going to stand out from the crowd.
  • Collaboration:With projects becoming more complex and with a global reach thanks to rapid digital transformation, collaboration has become an essential skill as team members need to be able to work well in both in-person and remote team environments
  • Creativity: This is one of the skills which is going to become crucial when it comes to future-proofing businesses. Many administrative processes are increasingly becoming automated through AI and machine learning thus removing the mundane from the workspace and freeing up employees to move their focus to creative problem-solving.
  • Time management:  This is a skill which is here to stay no matter what the future may hold. Employees who master this skill are crucial to the success of any business at any point in time – now and forever after.
  • Flexibility: Employees who are able to easily adapt and thrive in the fast-changing business world of today will prove to be invaluable in future.
  • Planning and research skills: Being able to research, analyse and interpret data and use it to formulate a suitable strategy and plan of action to accomplish certain work tasks are vital skills now and in the future

Hard skills:

  • Cloud computing:  Engineers with cloud computing skills are in demand as this has become a pillar of more and more companies
  • AV production: As our lives as online consumers are being filled with more and more marketing material in the form of videos the need for candidates with skills in audio/visual production has grown dramatically
  • Artificial intelligence (AI): AI is the current ‘buzz word’ and the technology is being incorporated into many business plaforms at a rate of knots. Candidates with skills in artificial intelligence are vital to a businesses wanting to implement AI-enabled business tools.
  • UX design: User experience has become key to ensuring happy, satisfied customers stay and become part of a loyal customer base for many businesses and thus candidates with skills in UX design are ‘gold’ in the eyes of many employers.
  • Translation: The workplace has become more global and collaborative with teams from many different cultural and language backgrounds, therefore translations skills are moving up the list of “in demand skills”. Candidates who are fluent in two or more languages can help to bridge gaps in team communication.
  • App building skills: As they say – ‘there’s an app for everything’. Most businesses and companies have jumped aboard the ‘app train’ or are running alongside it waiting to jump… thus candidates with mobile application (app) development skills who can create and maintain apps are being snapped up by forward-thinking employers who want to offer their customers the best experience.

Now that you’ve read about the ‘in-demand’ skills, consider incorporating these skills into your repertoire.  Or, if you are already skilled, include them in your CV. At PM Connection, we actively facilitate the crucial connection between clients and candidates in the fields of ICT and Project Management Recruitment and Resourcing.

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