Talent acquisition vs Recruitment, what’s the difference?  How do they differ and why does it matter for your business?  While there are very obvious similarities between the two there is also a difference. 

Recruiting is simply about filling current job vacancies by searching for and hiring individuals in order to keep the workflow going.  Talent acquisition is a very similar process, however, the difference lies in its focus.  Talent acquisition focuses on finding and hiring the best, “top” talent even when there are no current vacancies in order to build up your workforce into an expert team.

It goes without saying that having an expert team gives you the competitive edge needed to put you ahead in the race against your competitors.

How do you make the transition and move into the talent acquisition space? How do you make your company the loudest, most attractive voice out there in a competitive job market where candidates are constantly keeping an eye out for something bigger and better – better pay, bigger benefits, better culture?  On the flip side – how do you retain existing talent in the same job market?

Here are a couple of things which we at PM Connection know that can put you on the right track to get ahead by attracting and retaining the best talent and in turn elevating your organisation to stand out “head and shoulders” above the rest:

  • Be the company that everyone wants to work for – the picture of your organisation which is painted and presented to potential candidates and even the general public should communicate your mission, values, culture and prospects and should build-up your ‘brand’ as an employer.  The stronger your brand the more attractive you are to top talent and the longer their stay with your company.
  • Be upfront and transparent – a clear and straightforward job advert detailing requirements, expectations and benefits is what is needed in today’s job market and for attracting top talent. Being vague creates the impression your company has something to hide and “tooting one’s own horn” makes candidates think the job offer is too good to be true.  Word travels fast when a job description is dishonest in any way and this can damage your company’s reputation, employer brand and credibility. 
  • Be on guard – Once you’ve established your ‘employer brand’ you can’t just sit back and relax, you need to actively protect and manage it.  Always respond, diplomatically, to ANY online ‘bad press’ such as reviews and complaints.  Responses and replies should come from a single source such as the company’s HR or PR department and should assure the public that any matters are being rectified or dealt with. A good review from current or past employees is an excellent way of proactively managing your ‘employer brand’.
  • Be approachable – an approachable, easy to contact HR department which is actively accepting CVs even when you have no vacancies is key to building the best team. Respond to all inquiries quickly, graciously and with professionalism – you never know where the candidate, or their ‘connections’ might fit into your organisation in future.
  • Be flexible – being open to current workplace trends such as hybrid/remote working scenarios, better work-life balance, etc. can help you avoid getting ‘stuck in your ways’ and missing out on top talent when they feel your competitor is more open to making a plan in order to offer them what they need.
  • Offer a career pathway – employers who can give candidates the promise of development and future opportunities are immediately streaks ahead of the rest when it comes to finding the best candidates.  Supporting candidates from the beginning with opportunities to learn and better themselves and ultimately achieve their career goals make your company a clear-cut winner in the talent race and in the fight to retain top talent.

Having the support of a talent acquisition specialist can make a mountain of a difference when it comes to all of the above.  PM Connection has years of expertise in the field and can help you to stand out as THE company to work for and can help you to make the right connection, with the right candidate at the right time – whether that is now or in the future.  Contact PM Connection’s team today to see how we can help you in the transition to talent acquisition and stand out above the rest.