There is no doubt that “The Great Resignation” has reached our shores and that South African businesses are faced with dealing with the resultant crisis – a significant skills shortage.

While the profile of The Great Resignation which has spread across our land is a slightly different version to that experienced in the USA and Europe, the after effects are of great concern.

The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation, (also known as the Big Quit or the Great Reshuffle), refers to an ongoing trend which started amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic in which employees voluntarily resigned, en masse from their jobs.  

The term “Great Resignation” was coined in May 2021, by Anthony Klotz (professor of management at University College London’s School of Management) when he predicted a sustained mass exodus.

Early 2021 saw the start of mass resignations in the US and Europe with possible causes being named as stagnant wages combined with the rising cost of living, long-term job dissatisfaction, health and safety concerns during the pandemic and the lure of companies with better, if any, remote-working policies.

The difference in the profile of The Great Resignation in South Africa lies in the possible causes or the reasoning behind the resignations and also in the sectors affected.

Resignations overseas were mostly from lower wage workers while in SA it is the skilled sector which seems to have been hardest hit.  The pandemic saw many skilled employees working remotely and subsequently discovering new found freedom in the ‘work from anywhere’ space.  A freedom which they are loathe to give up, resulting in many making bold decisions to work as freelancers or consultants to their former employers.

Post-pandemic skills shortages abroad have also meant an influx of opportunities for South Africans – opportunities which are very enticing for locals who have experienced seeming fundamental shifts in their thinking about work, their career progression, life in general and life in South Africa. The result is an even bigger skills shortage on the South African front.

The PM Connection solution – how we can help

While all may seem ‘doom and gloom’ on the skills front at PM Connection we are confident that we can be the solution both employers and candidates are desperately seeking (need).

We know that in an ideal world every vacancy would have its “perfect fit “ in the form of a candidate with just the right skills and experience for the role.

In the real world, however, most companies have had to be satisfied with a “best fit” candidate – someone who is just shy of fitting the bill but is close enough. The skills shortage together with candidates who now think about work in a totally different way following the pandemic has exacerbated this problem and recruiting the right people has become increasingly complex and competitive.   

As you well know skills shortages have a huge impact on companies including affecting productivity, the ability to meet customer deadlines or client expectations, reduced staff morale, higher staff turnover and the inevitable higher cost in retaining existing staff.

You may also relate to having come across several challenges in the recruitment process of late including; 

  • candidates lacking the right ‘hard’ skills – particularly when it comes to technical knowledge
  • unrealistically high salary expectations
  • a lack of candidates
  • candidates with several other job offers
  • candidates unwilling to relocate
  • candidates determined to have remote work options
  • candidates who are over or under qualified for the role

On the flip side Candidates also find themselves not just simply scanning the job horizon, searching for a job to make ends meet or to make more on the whole but candidates are now being far more discerning.  When searching they are looking for more in terms of what they desire, more freedoms and a better quality of life.

This is where PM Connection steps into the picture.

Corporates & Clients

PM Connection gives companies in need of top professional talent, access to their ICT & Project Management Recruitment Services, to connect with a vetted talent pool so that they may win the talent war and meet their staffing objectives. 

At PM Connection we’re all about collaboration – working together with clients to find them the best suited talent to fill the positions in the business and to be part of ensuring the organisation can perform optimally amidst the challenges of the current economic environment.

What do we offer our clients?  

With PM Connection on their side, clients are able to fast track their recruitment goals, access a large talent pool from the get-go, enjoy outsourced recruiting, flexibility and cost reduction and risk mitigation through trial periods.  PM Connection Clients also enjoy on demand services, access to experienced Project Management (PM) and resources all backed by our reliable track record and the fact that we are trusted by several Blue Chip clients.

What is on offer for Candidates?  

At PM Connection we offer PM and IT professionals access to a Personalised Recruitment Service, connecting them to Blue Chip clients, ensuring that they may be able to secure the best career progression and growth opportunities. 

Why PM Connection?

We are not just your average recruitment agency

At PM Connection we collaborate, we make the connection for mutual benefit – bringing companies and professional candidates together for the optimal growth of the individuals, the company and the country.

We offer both clients and candidates so much more:

  • Optimal Connection between Client and Professional
  • Great Clients
  • Great Talent
  • Long Standing Relationships
  • A Successful Track Record
  • Specialised Project Management and IT Recruitment Service
  • Meeting Transformation needs

“We believe that when we connect skilled talent with business needs we can positively influence the individual’s career, the success of the business and the betterment of the economy and society.”

Make the connection today, contact PM Connection

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