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Teams, work groups, stakeholders, clients engagements or any people situation which requires quality engagement, can be the success or the failure of a project office and therefore require expert and impartial facilitators, who will ensure that all voices are brought into the project.

PM Connection has a team of professional and expert facilitators, who are available to assist our clients to optimize their people engagement interventions and create the environments necessary to ensure desired outcomes.

Independent, objective and expert facilitation services is a value-add offering aimed at providing clients the required expertise as and when required and which contributes to functioning and successes of the project management office.

Facilitation services can be on-boarded either as a once-off, or for very short interventions as well as long-term regular engagements, depending on the need of the client and the project management office.


  • Strategic alignment with overall organisational outcomes
  • Process flow and enhancement
  • Change Management Solutions, Interventions and Processes
  • Project Scoping and Business Case Development
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building Sessions